Corporation Bank Customer Id number - Quick Guide

Corporation Bank Customer Id: Do you want to know how to get Corporation bank Customer id number? Then this article will give a complete guideline for you. Corporation bank is one of the best financial institutions which provide banking services for small and medium enterprises. It has a headquarters in Mangalore, India. In 2019, Corporation Bank and Andhra bank was merged into the Union Bank of India. If a customer opens a new account on Corporation bank, then the bank will give an 11-digit unique code as the Customer ID Number. Some people still don’t have an idea about customer id. Actually, this identification number is mainly used for the person accessing an internet banking facility or business person. By using this customer id number, you can able to open multiple accounts in the same bank without providing the documents again and again. 

Corporation Bank Customer id
Corporation Bank Customer id

If you don’t know how to find a corporation bank customer id or forget it. Don’t worry. In this article, we will see how to get Corporation bank Customer id/CIF number using 6 best methods. You can find it on both online and offline sources. Customer ID means Customer information document which means it holds all the information like personal and account information of the customer. Using the customer id, the bank officials can able to collect the information of the customer like Account number, online transaction history, Loan history, Demat details etc. We can easily find the number using the 6 best methods both online and offline. You can check it on passbook, cheque book, E-passbook mobile app, internet banking service, visit the branch, customer care support etc.

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Methods to find corporation bank customer id:

Totally Six best methods are available to find Corporation Bank Customer Id. You can check it on both online and offline methods. They are listed below,

1. Check on Passbook/Cheque book
2. Check on Internet Banking service
3. Download Account statement
4. Download E-Passbook mobile app
5. Call Customer care support
6. Visit the Home branch

Check on Passbook/Cheque book:

Once you open a new account on Corporation bank of India, then you will receive a welcome kit from the bank. It consists of a new passbook, cheque book, debit cards and other bank details etc. You can easily find out Customer id on the passbook. 

Corporation bank customer id in passbook
Corporation bank customer id in passbook

Open your passbook and you will see the corporation bank customer id is printed on the first of the passbook on top. Likewise, you could also check it on the Corporation bank Cheque book. The customer id number is printed on top of the first page of your cheque book.

Check on Internet banking service:

You can easily find corporation bank customer id using the Net banking service of corporation bank. First, you need to login into net banking services using the proper User id and Password. After that, the home page will open. On that page, you will see the account information or account profile section. Open it and there you will see your corporation bank customer id number.

Download Account statement:

You can also download the account statement and find your customer identification number. You can log in to the corporation bank internet banking service and Click on the account statement option. Now, download the account statement for relevant dates. There you could see the customer id is printed on top of the page.

Download E-Passbook mobile app:

If you are using Smartphone, then you can download Corp E-passbook mobile app to find out the customer id number. You can download the corporation bank mobile app from Google Playstore or the IOS store.

Step 1: First, you need to download the Corp E-Passbook mobile app from Playstore

Download Corp E-Passbook app
Download Corp E-Passbook app

Step 2: Now, open the app and click on the Send SMS button which is shown below

Step 3: Make sure to download the app using the registered mobile number with the bank.

Register with mobile nnumber
Register with mobile number

Step 4: Now, you will receive one OTP (One time password) from the corporation bank.

Step 5: Once you type the OTP properly, then the app will ask you to create a 6-digit Mpin for password

Create 6 digit pin
Create 6 digit pin

Step 6: After login with Mpin, you will see Corporation bank customer id on top of the page

Call Customer care support:

If you don’t know to find customer id in passbook, cheque book or on internet banking service, then you will make a call to corporation bank customer care support. The customer care number is 1860 258 1212, you can make a call with the registered mobile number on the bank. Once you make a call, ask for your customer id as a request.

Visit the Home branch:

If you can’t do any of the above methods, then you can visit the corporation bank home branch directly and make sure to bring your passbook with you. Once you visit, ask the bank officials to provide the customer id. Later, they will ask about your account information like account number, address, name, phone number and other details. Once it is verified, the bank officials will provide the customer id number to you.

Final Words:

You can simply choose any of the methods mentioned in this post to find the customer id of corporation bank, India. Finding the Corporation bank customer id is easy now. Like corporation bank, you can also find customer id or CIF number for other banks like Indian Bank, State bank of India, Karur Vysya Bank, and Central bank of India etc. I hope this article about corporation bank customer id will give useful information. If you have any queries regarding the post, please ask us in the comment section. Thank you!

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