Find PNB Customer Id/CIF Number using 6 Methods

Find PNB Customer Id/CIF Number using 6 Methods: Do you want to find PNB or Punjab National Bank customer id number? Then this article will help you to find out. PNB or Punjab National bank is the second largest banking sector in India. It also had branches at the international level including the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Dubai and Kabul etc. In past years, we are struggling to do bank transactions. But in this modern era, we can easily do lots of online transactions within a minute online. In that case, one unique identification number called Customer ID or CIF number is given by the bank sector to find the identity of the customers as per the RBI guidelines. 

Find PNB Customer Id/CIF number
Find PNB Customer Id/CIF number

Some people can easily find their CIF number but Some PNB customers are now looking for how to find a customer ID or CIF number. Today, we all use internet banking services for online transactions, to access this facility we need customer id, user name and password now. If you had an active account in Punjab national bank, then you will surely get the customer id number. Or if you forget your ID or don’t know how to find a PNB id, then I will share 6 easy methods to find out PNB Customer ID below. Actually, the CIF number is given by the banking sector to their customer but don’t forget guys not all bank will provide the same identification number. It will vary from one bank to another.

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What is CIF number/Customer ID in PNB?

PNB CIF number or Customer id means Customer information file or Client identification file. It is an 11 digit or 10 digit numbers. Once you open a new account in Punjab national bank, then you will get a passbook, cheque book, account number and a customer id. In Punjab National Bank, the customer id and net banking user id is the same. So, you need a Customer id to login into PNB net banking service. If you forget the user id of PNB, then you can easily get it both online and offline. 

What is the Customer id in PNB
What is the Customer id in PNB?

Using the id number, the bank officials can collect all your details like account number, Transaction history, loan history, E-statement, Address, Mobile number and other details etc. You need your PNB customer id once you transfer the amount from one branch to another branch. Note: Some people had multiple accounts in a single bank, at that time you will get only one customer id which is linked with all your accounts. Here we will see the 6 best ways to check out your PNB Customer ID with simple steps.

Methods to Find PNB Customer ID/CIF number:

PNB Customer id number can be easily found through the 6 best methods. They are,

Check through PNB Net banking service
Check on PNB Passbook/Cheque
Check on Account Statement
Find it on PNB Welcome kit
Visit your home branch
Call PNB Customer Care

Check through PNB Net banking service:

PNB Customers can easily find their customer id through PNB net banking service. If you want to login into your PNB net banking service, you need a customer id number. If you forgot your user id, then follow the below steps,

Step 1: First, you need to visit the Punjab National Bank net banking Portal

Visit Punjab National Bank net banking
Visit Punjab National Bank net banking

Step 2: Now, Proceed to log in on Punjab national bank

Login to Punjab National Bank
Login to Punjab National Bank

Step 3: Now, Click on Forgot User Id link which is shown below your user id box

Click on Forgot User Id link
Click on Forgot User Id link

Step 4: Then the bank now ask for your PNB account number

Step 5: Type your account number and Click Verify option

Type account number
Type account number

Step 6: Now, it will send the OTP (One time password) to your registered mobile number.

Step 7: Type the OTP and Click the continue option

Step 8: Finally, the user ID for your PNB internet banking will be shown there. Note it down and proceed.

Check on the PNB Passbook/Cheque book:

PNB customer can also check user id on Passbook. Once you open an account on Punjab national bank, you will get both a passbook and cheque book. In your PNB Passbook, you can easily found the user id is printed on top of the front page. 

Check Customer id on PNB Passbook
Check Customer id on PNB Passbook 

Likewise, the customer number is also printed on your PNB cheque book itself. You can check it and found out. Note: The customer number which is printed on your Passbook or Cheque book is also your PNB internet banking user ID. Don’t forget.

Check on Account Statement:

Still, you don’t get your customer id or user id, and then you go with this method. Simply download the PNB account statement. You can download the account statement through your e-mail id or you can give a request to Punjab national bank through the post to download the account statement. On the account statement page, you will notice the customer id is printed on the top of the page.

Find it on PNB Welcome kit:

If you open a new account on Punjab national bank, then you will definitely receive a welcome kit from the bank. It consists of a PNB passbook, cheque book and other account details. On that welcome kit, you will easily find out your user id or customer number.

Visit your home branch:

If you are not satisfied with all the above methods, you can directly visit your nearby PNB branch. Make sure to bring your passbook when you visit the branch. The bank executives will ask for your passbook and other account information like account number, name, address, mobile number and ID proof for verification. After verification, they will provide you with the customer number.

Call PNB Customer Care:

You can make a call to the Punjab National bank customer care support and ask for your user ID. The toll-free number of PNB is 1800 180 2222. 

Call PNB Customer care
Call PNB Customer care

Once you make a call, the bank officials will ask about your account information for verification. Later, you will get to know your customer ID number.

Final Words:

Finding the Customer ID number of Punjab National Bank is not a big task hereafter. You can adopt any one of the methods mentioned above to find a user id. I hope this article must give useful information about how to find customer ID in Punjab national bank. If you have any queries related to this post, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. Thank you!

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