How to Find CIF Number in Central Bank of India online (CBI)

CIF Number in Central Bank of India Online/Passbook: Today, banking services are really convenient to the customers. In this modern technology era, the banking sector introduced digital banking services with terms and conditions. These days we can do many banking tasks without going to the bank. Also, we may hear lots of unknown banking terms in this year 2021, Right? In that list, you may hear about the Customer information file number (CIF) in the banking sector. Do you have any idea about CIF Number? If don’t know? No problem. Here in this post, we will see all about CIF number and How to find CIF number in Central Bank of India online. 

CIF Number in Central Bank of India
CIF Number in Central Bank of India

Every bank in India provides a unique CIF Number to its customers. Using this Number, you can know more personal details and account details about the account holder. Also, each and every customer has a unique number with a set of numeric digits. With the help of this Number, we can easily get the details of the account holder including name, identity, address, photo, contact number, and signature. Before going to find the CIF number in Central bank of India, you need to learn about the full form CIF number and the importance of the CIF Number in India.

What is CIF Number?

CIF in the bank sector stands for Client Information file or Client Information Document. This is one of the digital files that carry all the personal and account information of the customer in detail. Each and every customer has a unique CIF number with a set of 11 digits number. If you have multiple accounts at the same bank, then that bank will give only one number so all your accounts are linked with one CIF Number. Also, you can easily find this Number from your passbook or cheque book. Otherwise, you can also find your number online through digital banking services.

What is CIF Number?
What is CIF Number?

The bank officials can get information like the owner of the account, loan history, account type, transaction history, balances, KYC details, etc through customer information file Number (CIF). And this Number may differ from bank to bank. For example, Axis bank assigns a 4-digit CIF number, SBI bank assigns an 11-digit number, HDFC bank assigns an 8-digit number. Also, this number is used as the user ID for Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. Now, we will see how to find the CIF Number in central Bank of India online with simple steps.

How to find CIF Number in the Central Bank of India :

There are lots of ways available to Find CIF Number in the Central Bank of India,

  • You can easily find your CIF Number on your passbook. Open your passbook and search for the number printed on the front page of the passbook.
  • This number is also printed on the front page of your Cheque book. Search and find it.
  • Find this Number by login into your internet banking service using your user id and password, now you will find your bank customer information file number at the top of the page.
Central bank of india CIF number
Central bank of India CIF number
  • If you can’t find your CIF Number through the above methods, you can make a call to the bank customer care number and provide your account details to the customer care and get this number.
  • Otherwise, you will visit the home branch directly and bring your passbook and ask the bank to provide the customer information file number.
  • If you receive a Fixed Deposit certificate, then the CIF Number and amount are mentioned on that page.

Specifications and Importance of CIF Number:

If you ask, is there any benefit for the customers while using CIF Number? Yes, there is a benefit for the customers. In some banks, this number acts as a user id to activate internet banking. Will see some specifications of the CIF Number in the central bank of India online,

CIF is the customer information file number represent in a digital format
Maximum 11-digit number is assigned for CIF Number. But some bank assign 4 or 8 digit number
You can easily find this Number on your Passbook, Cheque Book, Internet banking, or Fixed Deposit certificate
With the help of a single CIF number, you can link multiple accounts from the same bank
With the help of this number in CBI, the customer information regarding loans, fixed deposit and KYC detail can get collected.
Customer information file number is differing from one bank to another bank.

How to get the CIF Number of SBI?

You can easily get the Customer information file number of the SBI account by doing four simple methods. They are,

  • If you have an SBI passbook, search your CIF number on the front page of the passbook. It is printed on it.
  • Otherwise, you can visit your home branch and share your account details with the executive and ask him to provide this number for your SBI account
  • If you are using the internet banking service of SBI, then open the SBI internet banking and login with your User Id and password. Now, go to the account statement. Now, you will find your CIF number on top of the page.
SBI Cif Number
SBI Cif Number
  • You can also login into SBI anywhere app and Click on services and go-to online nomination and select transaction accounts. Now, you will see the CIF number next to your SBI account number.
  • It is also printed on your SBI cheque book or bank statement. You will search and find it easily.

Final Words:

Finding the customer information file number (CIF) in the Central Bank of India is not a big task hereafter. Finally, you may have a clear idea about what is CIF Number in the bank and how to find a CIF Number in Central bank of India online. I hope the above article is useful for you to find and know more about Customer Information file Number. Apart from the central bank of India, each and every bank in India has an individual number. We will see all in the upcoming posts. If you have any queries regarding this post, feel free to ask us in the comment section. Thank you.

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