How to Find KVB Customer ID/CIF Number using 5 Methods

KVB Customer ID: Karur Vysya Bank (KVB) is one of the leading banks in India. It has a headquarters in Karur, Tamilnadu. Karur Vysya Bank provides services like Personal Banking and Corporate Banking. It also offers housing loan, Personal loan, Insurance, Fixed Deposits, Corporate loans, Demat account etc. Like all other banks, KVB also gives an individual Customer ID or CIF number to the customers. Some people can easily identify the customer id number but most people don’t. Today, in this post we will see how to find KVB customer id using 5 simple methods. 

How to Find KVB Customer ID
How to Find KVB Customer ID

You can check it on Passbook/Cheque book, Search through Internet banking, Check it on Mobile banking, Give a missed call and visit the branch directly. Actually, if you had a customer id of KVB, then you can create multiple accounts in the same bank with one customer id and you no need to provide the documents again. Using this customer ID or CIF number, the bank officials can easily collect all the information of the customer like Account number, account summary, transaction history, loan history, Demat information, EMI details etc. You can also find CIF number for other banks like State Bank of India, Indian Bank, Central Bank of India.

What is Customer Id in KVB?

Customer id means Customer Information document or Client Identification file. This is a digital record of the customer which holds all the personal and account information. It is provided by the banking sector to the customers. This number is assigned as a set of 11-digit number or 10-digit number or 8-digit number. Like other banks, KVB also provides the customer ID number to their customers. In some banks, both customer id and CIF number are the same. So, in Karur Vysya bank, you need a customer id number to log in to your Internet banking service. If you lost it, then you can’t log in. So, if you want to find out your KVB customer id, then continue the reading up to the end.

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Methods to find KVB customer id:

There are five methods available to find KVB (Karur Vysya Bank) Customer id number. They are,

1. Check on Passbook/Cheque book
2. Search through Internet banking
3. Check on KVB Mobile banking
4. Give a missed call
5. Visit the branch

Check on Passbook/Cheque book:

Once you create a new account on Karur Vysya Bank, then the bank will provide a new passbook, cheque book, debit card etc. On your KVB passbook, you can easily find the customer id or CIF number. 

Check on KVB Passbook
Check on KVB Passbook

You will see the Customer id number is printed on the top of the front page. Likewise, you can also check it on the KVB cheque book. You can easily see it on the front page of the Karur Vysya bank cheque book.

Search through Internet banking:

Through Internet banking service, you will get the customer id number of KVB. Simply follow the below steps,

Step 1: First, you need to visit the KVB internet banking service portal

KVB internet banking login
KVB internet banking login

Step 2: Later, you need to log in with KVB using User Id and Password

Step 3: Once it opens, Go to Account Summary in the menu option

Go to Account Summary option
Go to the Account Summary option

Step 4: Then select My account option there

Step 5: Finally, you will see your KVB Customer ID on top of the page

Check on KVB Mobile banking:

You can also check your customer ID using KVB mobile banking. Using the KVB mobile banking app, you can easily do online transactions and check your account summary and all details. To do that first you need to download the KVB mobile banking app on your device. Simply follow the steps below,

Step 1: First, you need to download the KVB-Lite application from Google Playstore

Step 2: After opening the KVB-Lite app and register using your mobile number

KVB D-Lite app
KVB D-Lite app

Step 3: Once, you register your device will get notified with OTP (One time password)

Step 4: Now, enter the OTP on that app and Click continues. 

Enter OTP and Click Continue
Enter OTP and Click Continue

Step 5: Finally, the KVB-lite app will show all the bank details including your KVB Customer id number.

Give a missed call:

If you are losing your passbook or cheque book or don’t know to check it, then you just give a missed call to the Karur Vysya Bank. You can give a missed call to the number 08882101234 with your registered mobile number. Later, you will receive a text message with the CIF number. 

Give a missed call to KVB
Give a missed call to KVB

Otherwise, you can also make a call to KVB Customer care and ask for your customer ID number. The toll-free number is 1860 258 1916. Once you make a call, the bank executive will ask for your bank details for verification. Later, you will get the customer id number.

Visit the branch:

If you don’t have internet banking or don’t know to do the above methods, then you could visit the KVB home branch directly. Make sure to bring your passbook or cheque book and other ID proof while visit. After that, ask the bank officials to give your CIF number. So, the bank officials will ask for your bank information including account number, name, address, mobile number and other id proof for verification. Finally, they will share the Customer id number with you. You can choose any one of the above methods to find your KVB customer identification number.

KVB Customer Id FAQ’s:

1. What is Customer id in KVB?

Ans: Customer id or CIF number means Customer information document or Client Identification File. It is a unique identification number that is provided by the bank to the customer and it is a digital record of the customer which holds all the account and personal information’s. 

2. How to Find a KVB Customer ID online?

Ans: You can easily find out KVB Customer ID number using KVB Passbook, Cheque book, KVB customer care support without online

3. Is the Customer id and CIF number the same?

Ans: Yes, both are the same. In some banks, both customer id and internet banking user id is the same as KVB.

Final Words:

Finding a KVB Customer id number or CIF number can be easy for you and it is not a big task hereafter. We all need the customer id number once we change all transactions from one branch to other branches. Otherwise, some like to know this number while international transaction. I hope the above article about the KVB Customer ID number is really helpful for you. If you had any queries regarding this post, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. Thank you!

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