How to Find Customer ID of Dena bank

Dena Bank Customer Id: Dena Bank is one of the public sector banks in India, which offers almost all financial products like Consumer Banking, Private Banking, Investment Banking, Agriculture and Inclusive Banking, Corporate Banking, Mortgage loans, etc. Recently, Dena Bank was merged with Bank of Baroda along with Vijaya Bank. After this merger, Dena bank is very much active in online banking services. If you have an account with Dena Bank, then the customer can able to access many facilities and services they offer. One important facility which is provided by the bank is the net banking facility. Once you have the access to net banking services of Dena bank, you don’t need to visit the bank branch for any reason. With the help of net banking, you can do any type of net banking within few minutes. 

Dena Bank Customer id
Dena Bank Customer id

You are allowed to access this kind of services or facilities from anywhere at any time. Dena bank provides customers with a Customer identification number (Customer ID), which you must use to sign in as a user ID to access the net banking facility. Dena Bank Customer ID is unique and helps the banking system to recognize the customer. After authentication, the banking system allows the customer to access net banking services and make transactions from the account linked to the customer ID. Let’s see the step by step tutorial on how to get the Dena bank customer id. Read More about how to find Corporation Bank Customer ID

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How to get the customer ID of Dena bank?

Dena Bank facilitates the availability of customer ID for the person who has an account with Dena Bank and they can easily get the net banking facility and get the Dena bank customer ID. You can easily obtain your Customer ID by following the below-given steps.

Step 1: First of all, you need to visit a branch of Dena bank where you own an account. You can also get the Customer ID by visiting the Dena bank branch which is nearest to your area.
Step 2: Then you will need to write a formal letter or fill an application form regarding the activation of the internet banking account and requesting a personal customer ID for you.
Step 3: Once you submitted the letter or application, they should send this application to the bank manager or any other administrator who looks at the net banking facilities.
Step 4: You also need to provide and attach some other essential documents related to the identity of your accounts such as the Aadhaar card, Pan Card and some others.
Step 5: Once you submitted all documents, you can get the Dena bank customer ID in a unique envelope when you visit the bank branch after seven working days. Finally, this customer ID must be kept secure and memorized. 

You can also request to activate Net banking services using a Dena debit card, Gold card or Insta card without visiting the branch. If you have activated Net banking through cards, you will get a customer ID on your registered mobile number via SMS. And you must keep in mind that you have to secure the Customer ID to prevent fraudulence. You must enter a unique customer ID number every time you want to access net banking services. 

How to find the customer ID of Dena bank using different methods?

If you have lost or forget your customer Id for your Dena bank account, you can easily find out them using several methods as follows. Let’s see it one by one

Method 1: Find Customer ID in Passbook

You can find the Dena bank customer id number simply in the Passbook. The customer ID will be printed on the first page of the Passbook

Find Dena bank customer id in Passbook
Find Dena bank customer id in Passbook

You will get a passbook when you apply for opening a new bank account at Dena Bank. Within the Passbook, you can find your account number, IFSC code, branch name, Customer ID and etc on the front page.

Method 2: Find Customer ID in Cheque book

You can also find the customer ID of Dena Bank in the Cheque book provided for you. Here also, you can locate the customer ID on the front page itself. Your cheque book of the Dena bank also consists of all of your personal details regarding your bank account.

Method 3: Find Customer ID with the help of customer care

You can ask for the customer ID of your account by contacting the Dena bank customer care using its toll-free number. 

Dena bank customer care number
Dena bank customer care number

All you have to do is that call Dena Bank toll-free number 18002336427 and ask for the customer identification number for your account to access net banking.

Method 4: Find your Customer ID in your account statement

If you are an active customer or the current account holder of Dena bank then the bank will send you an account statement on a monthly basis via e-mail or Post. The Customer identification number for your account will be definitely printed on that statement. So, you can see your Customer ID on it.

Method 5: Find your customer ID by login to internet banking

If you have a user name or password for your net banking then you can easily locate your customer id. 

Dena bank customer id in Net banking
Dena bank customer id in Net banking

You need to just log in to your net banking using your user name and password. You will see the customer id on the home page itself.

Method 6: Find Customer ID by visiting the nearest branch

If all the above-listed methods are not working for you to find the customer id of Dena bank, you have to visit the nearest branch of Dena bank and get your customer identification number.

Final Words:

I hope the above article gives useful information about how to find the Dena bank customer id number or CIF number with simple methods. If you face any issues while finding your customer id, don't worry. Feel free to ask us in the comment section. We will help you. Thank you!

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