7 Ways to Know City Union Bank Customer ID

City Union Bank Customer ID: Are you a customer of City Union Bank, one of the largest private sector banks in India?  Forgot or lost the City union bank Customer ID required to sign in to the internet banking service? Are you confused as to know it easily? If the answer to all the questions asked is yes then you are on the right page. Here, we have given multiple ways to easily find the customer id of your City Union Bank account. 

City Union Bank Customer Id
City Union Bank Customer Id

Customer ID is a unique number assigned to each City Union Bank account holder. This essential for the customer who wants to access the complete digital banking features of City Union Bank. So, you need to keep your customer id safe. So, you need to activate or find your customer ID in order to use the internet banking service of City Union Bank. Let’s see the various methods to know the customer id.

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Find your City Union Bank Customer ID in Bank Passbook

If you have a savings account or a current account in City Union Bank, the bank will give you a passbook during account opening. 

City Union Bank Customer ID in Passbook
City Union Bank Customer ID in Passbook

You can easily find your city union bank customer id on the first page of your passbook. The passbook contains all the necessary details of your account that includes account number, address, bank address, CIF number, IFSC code, and more. 

Find the Customer identification number in the welcome letter

City Union Bank will provide you a welcome kit after creating an account on the bank. It was considered as a welcome letter for its new customer and that contains all essential details of your new account. So, there you can easily find the customer id of the City Union Bank account.

Find City Union Bank Customer ID in Cheque Book

You can also find a Checkbook along with a welcome letter in the welcome kit. On the front page of a complete Cheque book, you will see the city union bank customer ID along with account number, name, etc.

Know your Customer ID of City Union Bank in the Account Statement

Account Statement consists of a list of all previous transactions or all the transactions made in a month. If you are a customer of City Union Bank, you can get your account statement online by downloading it through net banking. You can also request your account statement through email if you have registered your email id with the bank. An account statement is always with a city union bank customer id printed on it.

Get your City Union Bank Customer ID by calling customer care

City Union Bank also offers customer care facilities to its customers so that customers can know their customer id by getting the help of a Customer care executive. For that, you need to follow the given steps.

Step 1: First of all, you call the customer care number of City Union bank. And the City Union Bank Customer care number is 044-71225000. 

City Union Bank Customer Care number
City Union Bank Customer Care number

Step 2: Make sure you contact customer care only from the mobile number registered with the bank. After that, you need to simply follow the IVR instructions to talk with customer care executives.
Step 3: The executive will ask you for some information regarding your account. You need to give appropriate data to verify your account with City Union Bank.
Step 4: Then, tell them why you are calling for. The customer care executive will definitely help you to find what you are looking for.
Step 5: So, you will ask for your City union bank customer id and get that easily

Know your City Union Bank customer Id through online

In the case of City Union Bank, both customer id and User id are the same. You enter your customer id as a user id in order to log in with the internet banking of the City of Union Bank. If you have forgotten your user id, you can easily recover it online also. For that, you just need to have your 15 digit account number and mobile number registered with the bank. Let’s see how to recover the user id of City Union Bank internet banking

Step 1: First of all, you have to visit www.cityunionbank.com on any of your browsers. This is the official website of the city union bank.

City Union Bank Net banking Login
City Union Bank Net Banking Login

Step 2: On the web page, you will see a lock symbol at the top right corner of the screen. Just click on it in order to go to the login page.
Step 3: Under Login, you need to select the ‘Personal Banking’ option. Once you click on that option, it will ask you to enter your user id.

Select Personal Banking
Select Personal Banking

Step 4: You will ‘Forget User id’ option below the ‘Continue’ button. Simply, click on the ‘Forget User Id’ option.

Select Forgot User id option
Select Forgot User id option

Step 5: Now enter your 15 digit city union bank account number and your mobile number registered with the bank on its respective column. 
Step 6: Then, click on the ‘Submit’ option. That’s all. Now, it will either display your User Id or give you some instructions to recover it.

Get your Customer Id of City Union Bank by visiting the branch

If you have not found your customer id of the city union bank yet, go to the City Union Bank branch where you have an account. Ask the bank employee to know your customer id. They will ask you for some details or passbook to know about your account number, Date of Birth, and some other details. Then the bank employee will give you the instructions to get your customer id. You can also check out the Karur Vysya Bank Customer ID number here.


So these are ways to find your City union bank Customer id number. We have discussed seven ways to find it. All the above-mentioned methods will genuinely help the customers who need to find their customer id.

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