Allahabad Bank Balance Check - Missed call, SMS, Mobile Banking etc.

Allahabad Bank Balance Check Number: Allahabad Bank is a periphery part of the Indian Bank which was initiated in Allahabad with its headquarters at Kolkata, India. Till Allahabad Bank gets collaborated with Indian Bank it was one of the oldest joint-stock banks in India. Allahabad Bank had almost 3245 branches across all over the country. Allahabad Bank comes up with magnificent services and remaining as a believe-in organisation for a large number of their customers.

Allahabad Bank Balance Check
Allahabad Bank Balance Check

Usually, people having bank account have many queries for them which have to be cleared yet. But one of the major queries is like balance enquiry. Regular Balance enquiry helps people to ensure about safety of their account. Each and every customer can check their balance availability Allahabad Bank provides various easy methods for their customers to solve their queries regarding account balance and other issues. You can also search Syndicate Bank Balance Check here

Various Allahabad Bank Balance check methods

Allahabad Bank comes up with various services in all sort of entities like both online and offline too. Allahabad Bank provides plenty of methods for their account holders to get know about their balance enquiry and even another sort of details too. The various means provided by Allahabad Bank are as follows, SMS enquiry, using the cellular application, using missed call service, net banking and also using passbook. So, with the help of the above-mentioned methods, Allahabad Bank account holders can know their Bank Balance easily. Let us see the procedures to follow the above-mentioned method.

Allahabad Bank Balance Check by Missed call
Allahabad Bank Balance Check by SMS
Check Allahabad Balance through Customer care
Allahabad Bank Balance through Net Banking
Check Allahabad Balance Check by Mobile banking
Allahabad bank balance check by ATM Card
Allahabad bank balance check by Passbook

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Allahabad Bank Balance check using missed call service

The customers of Allahabad Bank can check their respective account balance through missed call service which is free of cost. Allahabad Bank Balance check number is 8108781085, 09224150150. The procedure to check the bank balance is just to call or give a missed call to the mentioned number, immediately Allahabad Bank will provide you with a message to the registered mobile number. Before using this method for balance check Allahabad Bank customer has to register their mobile number while creating an account.

Allahabad Bank Balance Check using SMS service

Allahabad Bank customer holders can check their account balance with the help of the SMS service method provided by them. It is one of the easiest methods to know their respective account details. The customer of Allahabad Bank needs to send SMS “BALAVL < Ac no ><MPIN>” to 9444394443 from the registered mobile number. After the SMS sends the balance details of the primary account will be received by the registered mobile number. Through this SMS service not only the balance check but also, we can know about our account mini statement, the status of the check and other account details. The SMS formats for other services are as follows, 

Allahabad Bank Balance check through customer care

Another simplest method to know the Allahabad Bank Balance check is by calling Allahabad Bank Customer care 1800226061. A customer care number is a toll-free number. When you call the customer care number it asks you to select the language either Tamil or English. After selecting it follow the instructions given. By completing the procedure Allahabad Bank Balance of the respective account will be sent as SMS to the registered mobile number. With the help of this toll-free customer care number, we also get to know about any other queries on our Allahabad Bank Account details.

Allahabad Balance check through Net Banking

Allahabad Bank account holders who possess internet banking facility of their respective bank account can check their Allahabad Bank Account balance through it. One can get their net banking service by registering for it at the time of opening their account at Allahabad Bank. 

Allahabad Bank Balance Check through Net Banking
Allahabad Bank Balance Check through Net Banking

The procedure to check balance through net banking is, the account holder can log in using their User ID and Password of the respective account. After login click the account balance tab that is visible on the dashboard. Then you will get all the account details including your Allahabad Bank Balance details.

Allahabad Bank Balance check through Mobile Banking

Allahabad Bank has provided a cellular application for the benefit of their customers in order to make their transactions, Balance enquiry and further details quickly and safely being at their own place. Allahabad Bank mobile application is available on Google Playstore and Apple app store. 

Check Allahabad Bank Balance in Mobile app
Check Allahabad Bank Balance in Mobile app

Customer can download the application and can know about their account details including the account balance. All the cellular applications of Allahabad Bank are available in various languages.

Allahabad Bank Balance check through ATM Card

Allahabad Bank Balance can also be checked through any nearby ATM centres also. The account holder can visit any nearby ATM along with their Allahabad Bank ATM card. Insert the Allahabad Bank ATM card into the ATM cardholder and enter your four-digit pin number. After entering the pin number, the customer should click the “Balance enquiry” option. Then immediately you can see your account balance details on the ATM screen and if needed we can also get a printed balance sheet. One can not only get the balance details but also ATM provides a mini statement if needed. 

Allahabad Bank Balance Check through Passbook

Using Allahabad Bank Passbook is one of the easiest ways to check the account balance. Allahabad Bank provides Passbook to each and every customer at the time of opening their accounts. The account holder can visit Allahabad Bank and can update their passbook. 

Allahabad Bank Passbook
Allahabad Bank Passbook

It shows all the transaction details and balance of their respective account. By regularly updating the passbook, account holders can ensure transaction activities and also can avoid any malfunction of their Allahabad Bank account.


I hope the above article is really helpful for you to check Allahabad bank balance with simple methods. If you have any queries regarding the Allahabad bank balance check, feel free to ask us, Thank you!

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