How to Find IDBI Bank Customer ID - Get/Recover Customer ID

IDBI Bank Customer ID: IDBI bank provides lots and lots of features for its customer. One of the excellent features is Customer ID, which was introduced by the IDBI bank to give a better experience of banking service for its users. Customer ID is a unique identification number given by the bank to its each and every account holder to identify their data easily.  

IDBI Bank Customer ID
IDBI Bank Customer ID

Technically speaking, this is a virtual or digital file that contains all the important details of the respective account holder. Over and above, this customer id helps the bank to easily decode your financial and personal information. If you have more than one account in a bank, all your accounts will be linked with the same customer ID so the bank can easily identify you. Are you forgot or missed your IDBI bank Customer ID? If yes, then this article will help you to recover it.

Methods to Recover IDBI Customer ID:

There are various methods available to find the IDBI Bank customer id. The methods are offline and online. You can select any of the below-given methods to easily and quickly find your customer id. 

Find your IDBI Bank Customer ID in Passbook
Find Customer ID of IDBI Bank in the Account Statement
Get IDBI Bank Customer ID through online
Find Customer ID through IDBI Customer care
Find Customer ID on IDBI Welcome letter or Cheque Book
Visit IDBI home branch to find IDBI Bank customer ID Number

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Find Your IDBI bank Customer ID in Passbook:

You will receive a bank account passbook when you open a savings account with IDBI bank. All of your transactions are recorded or printed on that book. This book contains almost all details related to your account like your name, address, account number, customer id, branch address, and more. So, it will be easy to find your customer id in Passbook. 

IDBI Bank customer id on Passbook
IDBI Bank customer id on Passbook

Simply, take your passbook of IDBI bank and open the first page of it. You can see your customer id above the IFSC code of the branch on the first page of the passbook. 

Find Customer id of IDBI Bank in the Account statement:

IDBI Bank will not provide a passbook for its current account user. If you are a current account user of IDBI bank, then you are not able to find your Customer id on Passbook. In that situation, you can know your customer id through an account statement. 

IDBI Bank Customer id in Account Statement
IDBI Bank Customer id in Account Statement

The bank will provide your account statement on a monthly basis whenever you request the bank. So, get the account statement of your IDBI bank and refer to the top part of the statement. There you will find your customer id along with some other details. 

Get IDBI bank Customer ID through online

If you have registered for internet banking of IDBI bank, you can get your account statement online itself. You need to just log in to your internet banking using your user id and password. Once it was logged in to your account, click the account statement option in the middle of the page. It will show you the transactions made on your account. 

IDBI Bank Customer ID through online
IDBI Bank Customer ID through online

There you can see the download option at the top of the statement, choose PDF format or any other comfortable format to download it on the device. Once it was downloaded, you will see the customer id among your account name, account number, address, and branch address. But this method is possible only for the one who changed their user id and does not work for the one who uses customer id as user id for login to internet banking. You can also read more about KVB Customer ID

Ask Customer care executive to know your customer id

IDBI Bank has a toll-free number to inquire about the queries and solve the issues of their customers. So, you can ask your customer id to the customer care executive. All you need to do is

Step 1: First, call 1800 209 4324. This is the toll-free customer care number of IDBI bank.
Step 2: Then, you need to choose the language in which you won't communicate with customer care personal.
Step 3: Try to talk with the customer care executive by selecting IVR (Interactive Voice Response) option.

IDBI Bank customer care
IDBI Bank customer care

Step 4: You need to tell the executive that you want to know the customer id of your IDBI bank account.
Step 5: They will ask you some questions related to your account with IDBI bank for verification.
Step 6: You should provide correct answers without any mistakes. Then only, they can easily find your data with the bank.
Step 7: Once they complete the verification process, they will give you your customer id or give some instructions to know it.

Find IDBI bank Customer Id using a welcome letter or Cheque book

You need to take the welcome letter which you have received at the time of opening your account from the bank. That welcome letter also contains your Customer id along with your name, account number, address, IFSC code, and branch address. Like welcome, there is no Cheque book without your customer ID. The customer ID is always printed on the IDBI Cheque book so you can easily find it on the front page of the Cheque Book.

Know your Customer Id by visiting the home branch

If all the above-mentioned methods are not working for you, then visiting the home branch is the only solution to know your customer Id of IDBI bank. Go to the IDBI Bank branch where you have an account and carry an Aadhaar card or PAN card as your identity proof along with your account number. Give your account number and identity proof and ask the bank officer for your customer Id. 

Final words

These are the six methods to find out the IDBI bank Customer id. I hope, you have now got your customer id by following any of the given methods.

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