How to Get Andhra Bank Statement using Smartphone

Andhra Bank Statement: As a part of defining, statements are details about the transactions that have occurred in a bank account. This can be viewed based on a particular period span of time. The time span of the transactions can be selected by the account holders themselves. The details of the account can be easily collected from the bank itself. When it comes to Andhra Bank it is much easier. The need of knowing the statement is that to make sure the transactions made are correct and there is no mistake in it. The services provided by Andhra Bank are remarkable. 

Get Andhra Bank Statement
Get Andhra Bank Statement

They handle all their clients with immense care and make sure that all their needs are seen to be full filled. The bank statement is always updated and not kept in delay by Andhra Bank Statement. The regular update is a very important factor. Andhra bank provides us with a short and clean idea of the statement that avoids all the doubts about it. It is edited and made in a way that all people can understand. If someone needs guldens about the statements they are very happy to help them. Let’s find out more details about Andhra Bank Statements below. There are many ways, choose the correct one for you.

Andhra Bank Statement Content Displayed

The Andhra Bank Statement actually has three sections. These sections help the customers to understand the statements more easily.

  • Account holder details
  • Account details
  • Transaction history

This section contains details like the name of the account holder. It should be the full name according to a birth certificate. Then account number other the account. Then IFSC code is an important factor. Contact number to which your account is linked too. The other details mentioned are the account type, Andhra Bank FD etc. The present residential address. These are the details that will be presented under the section account holder details. The history of all your transactions includes debit, credit and the balance amount too.

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Ways to get Andhra Bank Statement Easily

Net Banking- Andhra Bank Statement

The statements of your account can be taken using the net banking method. First of all, log in to the net banking on the Andhra Bank site. Then add all the account details that the site asks for. Make sure you got into the authorized site. 

Andhra Bank Statement in Net Banking
Andhra Bank Statement in Net Banking

Then the summary of your account will be presented in front of you. From there you can download the Andhra Bank Statement. Net banking is one of the best options that you can have. In this busy and timeless world net banking provides you with an option to handle your account within minutes. The only thing that is needed is a good speed internet connection.

Mobile Banking- Andhra Bank Statement

Mobile banking provides us with an easy way to access your Andhra Bank Account within minutes. The Andhra Bank has provided an application for all the account holders to get their services within minutes. The steps are.

  • First of all, you have to download the application of Andhra Bank on your android mobile. 
  • This process can be easily done by downloading it from the Google play store.
  • Then open the application
  • There will be an option there to enter the phone number.

Andhra Bank mobile app
Andhra Bank mobile app

  • Enter the respective phone number to which your account has been linked with.
  • To confirm, you will receive an SMS on your device and confirm using that option.
  • Then all the account details will be presented there.
  • You can check and learn a lot of things from this application.
  • In this way, you can view your Andhra Bank Statement quickly,

Andhra Bank Statement in Mobile App
Andhra Bank Statement in Mobile App

  • If you want to download the statement then there will be an option saying to download. 
  • Then the Andhra Bank Statement will be sent to your respective linked mail ID. So you can download or take a print from there.

E-Statements- Andhra Bank Statement

E-statement is another easy way to get the Andhra Bank Statement. When you start an account in Andhra Bank you would have already registered an e-mail ID with the bank. This ID is very important because we need this ID to process the Andhra Bank Statement. This is done by sending an e-mail to the bank requesting the statement for a particular time period from the registered mail ID. Then within 24 hours, the bank will send you back the needed details in your registered mail ID. You can also check out PNB Cutsomer ID number here

Needs of having a statement

Statements are details of all the transaction which went through your account. This shows us the entire amount that you have received and from which all ways that you have received. Then the way you debit the amount and all these things can be accessed through this process. If an individual wants to apply for a loan the bank will ask for a lot of documents to prove that you are eligible for the loan. 

Statement of Andhra bank
Statement of Andhra bank

One of the documents that the bank asks for is the Bank statement. This is to find out whether the respective person has the financial ability to repay the loan that you have took. The Andhra bank statements have to be clear always. There should not be any confusion about the statement. If you feel any confusion about your bank statement make sure that you clear it with the bank immediately. If you delay in clearing your doubts it would be very difficult for the bank to handle.


Andhra Bank Statements are very clear and informative. It shows you all the details about your debits, credits and the balance amount that you own. The above are the options that you can rely on for setting your Andhra Bank Statements. There are two modes explained above the online mode and the offline mode. Which one is convenient you can use it. There are many ways to get the Andhra Bank Statement so choose which one is easy for you to use. Hope that the above content helped you.

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