How to Get Customer ID in IndusInd Bank - Find/Recover Customer ID

IndusInd Bank Customer ID: Various technologies are now widespread for bank account holders to easily access and transact banking facilities without having to visit a branch or ATM center. One of them is the Net Banking facility. If you want to make bank transactions through net banking, you need to know your customer ID of Indusind bank in order to log in or register for net banking. 

Get IndusInd Bank Customer ID
Get IndusInd Bank Customer ID

If you are a customer or account holder of IndusInd Bank and want to find on get your customer, then this article will help to find the same. The IndusInd bank is a private bank in India, which is famous for offering high-interest rates on savings accounts with lots and lots of financial facilities.  Let’s come to the main motive of this article.

Methods to Get IndusInd bank Customer ID?

There are various methods are available to find the customer ID of your account in IndusInd bank. Let’s go through it one by one.

Get IndusInd Bank Customer ID through Mobile App
Get Customer ID of Indusind using documents of bank
Find Customer ID of Indusind through customer care
Find Customer ID of Indusind by visiting the branch

Method 1: Get IndusInd Bank Customer ID through its mobile application

The first and easiest way to get the customer identification number of IndusInd bank is through the mobile banking application of the respective bank.  You have to just follow the below given easy steps to get customer id through a mobile app named ‘IndusMobile’.

Step 1: First of all, you have to download the ‘IndusMobile’, IndusInd bank’s official mobile banking from Google play store on your android mobile. 
Step 2: Open the Google Play store on your device and search for the IndusMobile application to install it on your device. If you have the link for downloading the IndusMobile app, then simply click on it for quick installation.
Find Indusind bank customer id by mobile app
Find Indusind bank customer id by mobile app
Step 3: Once the app was installed on your device, open it and read the terms & conditions provided by the Bank. You need to accept all terms and conditions in order to fully utilize the application.
Step 4: After that, you have to sign in to the app using your mobile number which was registered with your IndusInd bank account. Simply, enter your mobile number properly in the given column.
Step 5: Once you enter the number, it will send you the one-time password for verification. Enter the received Time Password as well as other necessary details.
Step 6: Next, Click on ‘Register Now’ and then select ‘Continue’. If you have successfully completed the registration process on the app, you can see your Indusind bank customer id in the profile section.

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Method 2: Get IndusInd Bank Customer ID using the documents of Bank

When you open your account with IndusInd bank, you will be given various bank documents including your passbook, Cheque book, account statement, etc. You can check that documents to know your customer id. There are various documents that contain your customer id, for example, a statement, welcome letter, and Cheque book. You have to just open any of these documents to find the Indusind customer id.       

Find IndusInd Bank Customer ID through Passbook

The passbook issued by the IndusInd bank to its account has the customer ID printed on it. Below the account number, along with the name, the customer ID will be given. 

IndusInd bank Customer id in Passbook
IndusInd bank Customer id in Passbook

You have to look for it and write it anywhere you want. If the customer ID is not printed on Passbook, you can visit the nearest branch and get the same.

Find IndusInd Bank Customer ID in Account Statement

Customer ID is mentioned in the account statement also. It was printed in capital letters. It is a nine-digit code, you need to look at the top of the account statement in order to get a Customer ID. 

Find IndusInd Bank Customer ID in Cheque book or welcome letter

As we already said, you can also locate the same in the welcome letter as well as the Cheque book issued by IndusInd bank. You need to check the first page of the Cheque book to find the ID. Just like this, you can also come to know your customer of IndusInd Bank from the welcome letter issued by a bank at the time of opening your account. You can also read more about How to find Dena bank customer ID here

Method 3: Find Customer ID of Indusind through customer care

The next method is to find your customer id of IndusInd bank is to call customer care. The customer care number of IndusInd bank is 1860 267 7777, this was a toll-free number you should feel free to call this number. 

IndusInd Customer ID through Customer care
IndusInd Customer ID through Customer care

When calling customer care, you should keep your account number at your fingertips because they will ask you about it. Once you gave the required details, they will help you to get customer Id easily and quickly. And make sure that you have provided them with all valid and necessary details for easy access to your data with the bank.

Method 4: Find Customer ID of Indusind by visiting the branch

In addition to all these methods, you can also get your customer id by visiting the branch. In an IndusInd bank branch, a customer executive is always there for you and they will help you in dealing with things easily. You just need to provide them with your bank details, including the account number and a valid ID proof number, which will provide you with the customer id. 

Visit branch to find Induind customer id
Visit a branch to find Induind customer-id

The indusInd bank is considered as one of the best banks in the country, they always make sure the customer satisfaction. So if you have an account on IndusInd bank, you don’t need to compromise anything. This helps to ensure that the customers get the right support from the bank. If you are not able to find your customer IDs or any other details with any of the above methods, you can visit the nearest IndusInd bank branch without any hesitation.


I hope the above information about how to get a Customer ID in IndusInd Bank was really useful for you. If you have any queries regarding recovering IndusInd Customer ID, feel free to ask us. Thank You!

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