Kotak 811 Mahindra Bank Passbook Request Using Online

Kotak bank passbook request online: Kotak Mahindra Bank is one of the most trusted banking in our country. The amount of account holders that this bank holds is huge Kotak bank is considered to be called the peoples wish to bank. It is really user friendly. The services provided by the bank are remarkable. This bank can be used by people of any age groups. The services provided help us to handle all the banking procedures within minutes. All the people at the branches of Kotak bank are really friendly. They give more importance to the customers than anything else. The account holders keep and healthy relationship with the bank. As we know this bank is really helpful for people of all financial levels. The bank provides many plans for people to start their own career. 

Kotak bank passbook request online
Kotak bank passbook request online

They are creating a small business in our country. This helps in the development of our country. The bank is the place where we keep all our saving and valuables things. It is because we believe that a bank is safer than a home. Kotak bank provides you with a huge amount of security. Your property will be safe with the bank always. In this busy world, people are not able to go to the bank always to get their services done. So this is where online services come for help. Online services are the trending way of banking. It helps us to keep access to the accounts from anywhere. Due to this, the banking processes are going smooth. A passbook is an evidence provided by the bank to the account holders regarding the transactions in an account. Let’s see how to get Kotak bank passbook request online. Kotak 811 Passbooks apply online in 5 minutes. Follow the steps given below.

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Steps to Kotak bank passbook request online (Kotak 811 app)

  • First of all download the Kotak 811 app from the Google play store or Apple store as your wish on your smartphone.
Download Kotak 811 app
Download Kotak 811 app
  • When the application is downloaded open the application. Click on the login option to log in to your account.
  • Now you should enter your CRN number and tap on the submit button.
Enter your CRN Number
Enter your CRN Number
  • On that, there will be another option to enter your MPIN on the same screen. MPIN will be set during the registration process.
  • If in case you forget your MPIN then just read the guide to just reset the Kotak 811 MPIN reset option.
  • Then another screen will be displayed on the very next screen you will receive an OTP on the registered phone number.
  • Make sure to keep your registered phone number active always.
  • If the number is not active you have a chance to change the number by just registering with the bank once again.
  • After that type the OTP and click the submit button.
  • You will receive a pop-up message after this process. After receiving the popup then click the ok option given.
Setup your Kotak app profile
Setup your Kotak app profile
  • Then next screen will be displayed. You can select your profile picture, you can set your fingerprint for security purposes. Complete these setup processes.
  • Now on the home screen, you can see you will be provided with various options about your account.
  • There will be an option called the request click on it. You can also search for Axis Bank Balance Check Enquiry number here
  • A new screen will be displayed. In that click on the account service request option.
Click on Account service request
Click on Account service request
  • There you can see the Activation and deactivation of passbook option. Click on it.
  • On the next screen, you should enter the account number and type the account holder’s name.
  • Then just tap on the activation button given there.
  • Now the request for the passbook is sent online.
  • Now a screen will be displayed. On this screen confirm your account number and also the account holder’s name. Then click the confirm button.
Click confirm button
Click confirm button
  • Now your request is submitted successfully. You will also get the service request ID for your future use and reference. 
  • The above steps are really easy to follow and execute.
  • This is how the Kotak bank passbook request online. Kotak 811 Passbooks apply online in 5 minutes

Final Words

The above ways are the easiest for getting Kotak bank passbook request online and 811 Passbooks apply online in 5 minutes. The bank plays a huge role in the minds of people now a day. So, the services that the bank provides for their customers are really important to the people. All the people in our country use smartphones now a day. So follow the above step correctly. If you get any doubt with the proceedings of the bank services then you can do it once more and recheck it. If the error remains then contact the bank and inform them. Kindly make sure to inform them fast as possible. All the statements above are easy to be followed. This is how to get a Kotak bank passbook request online. Kotak 811 Passbooks apply online in 5 minutes. Hope that the above information helped you as you want it to.

Kotak Bank FAQ's

1. Where can we find the Kotak 811 App?

Ans: Kotak 811 App can be downloaded from both Apple Store and Google Play Store. You can also find the Kotak 811 App link to download. These are the best way to get the application on your device. The number of internet users to download the application is much low than you expect. The size of the application is also small. It will not take a lot of memory anyway from your device. The application will be regularly updated with new services. So make sure to keep the application updated.

2. Who should we contact if you have any doubt in the processing?

Ans: The chances of doubt formation are really low actually. If you get any doubt in the setting us of the application you can contact customer care. The number will be displayed on the application itself.

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