Get SBI Account Statement without SBI Internet Banking (Simple Way)

SBI Account Statement without Internet Banking: SBI is known as one of the country’s best banks. There are many branches around our country. The main feature of the SBI bank is that it is really a user-friendly bank. It helps many people to start their own startups and achieve their goals in life. SBI is really good at their services providing. They initiate a lot of efforts to make their customers feel at home. The main use of checking the statements is that you will be able to know about your transactions in your account. It is important to update your statements always. Your statements should be clear. If you have any doubts about your statement then you should inform the bank as early as possible. 

SBI Account Statement download
SBI Account Statement download

There are many ways to check the bank statement but here we present the easiest ways. In this busy and fast running world, it will be really difficult for people to go and visit their SBI bank branches each and every time that they need to check their statements. So the bank has initiated some ways to get the statement within minutes in your hand. The ways provided by the bank are net banking, mobile banking, missed call services, toll-free number etc. in this net banking and mobile banking needs internet access. 

SBI Account Statement Without Net banking
SBI Account Statement Without Net banking

All the people in our country don’t have access to the internet. And only some of the people don’t have smartphones too. SBI sees all their account holders equally. So for the convenience of all the SBI bank users, the bank has updated their services with some options in which without the internet we can get the SBI account statement. This is one of the reasons for the SBI bank to have a huge amount of account holders. Let’s see how we can get the SBI account statement without internet banking. Note: Do you know how to Schedule fund transfer in SBI Internet banking & SBI Yono lite app?

SBI Account Statement without Internet banking through missed call 

As we discussed earlier in the present situation all will be having smartphones but there are people around who don’t have a smartphone or who do not use internet connections. For them, miss call services are provided the only thing to be done is that give a miss call to 9223866666. This missed call given to the respected number has to be done from the registered mobile number of your bank account before itself. 

SBI Account statement by Missed call
SBI Account statement by Missed call

By this process, the information of the transactions will be sent to you in the form of an SMS. The language of the SMS will be in English commonly since all the people around the country can understand. There are language preferences also. This is how to get SBI account statement without internet banking.

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SBI Account Statement through SBI applications

There are some applications that you can download and you’re if you have a very low net. Because all the applications provided by the bank are in the form of a lite version.

  1. SBI Quick App
  2. SBI Yono lite app

These are the two applications that you can use for getting the SBI account statement without internet banking. You can download the SBI Yono app and SBI Quick app from both the Google play store and the Apple store. The amount of net used is very low compared to other applications. These applications are really easy to be used. The common procedure in both the application is that you can access the app on offline mode for certain services. The main factor to access these apps is to have the registered number of the bank account active. If not activate the number immediately. 

SBI Account Statement through SBI apps
SBI Account Statement through SBI apps

If the registered number is not in use then you can change the number by just giving an application request to the bank. Open the application. There you will see an option to enter the registered number. Enter it. You will receive an OTP within seconds. Enter this OTP also. Then your account will be installed successfully. You will be able to see your account details in this application. This is also a way to get the SBI account statement without internet banking. This application can be used by account holders at any age.

SBI Account Statement FAQ's

1. What if the number given is not working?

Ans: The chance of having an error in number or call being unattended is a rare case. SBI bank has made sure that all the calls will be conducted and the in formations that you request will be passed to you as soon as possible. This is the source most of the people use to get their statements.

2. What if there is any problem with the transaction details?

Ans: As all know when a transaction is done it will be informed to you in the form of SMS on your registered mobile number. And if you find any problem with the transaction that happened then you can inform the bank immediately.

3. What to do if the registered number is in Active?

Ans: Keeping the registered number active is the main part to get in formations from the bank as early as possible. So if it is not activated then try to activate. If that is also not possible you can give a request to the bank to change the registered number.


It is very important to keep an eye on the statements of the bank account. Here SBI has done a good job by accessing the series to all people. For the services follow each and every step given above without mistake. If you feel like you have any mistake just recheck it and apply it once more. Even after that, you find any error then inform the bank immediately. When you go through the statements of your transaction, if you find any error then just recheck it and inform the bank. Try to inform the bank as early as possible. So that the bank can help you with the errors. It is safe to follow the easy and simple ways to make the statement. When the complication increases it will be hard for you to execute it. Hope that the above content helped you.

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