Check MOD balance in SBI using SBI Yono app & Internet Banking

How to Check MOD balance in SBI: MOD accounts are the account formed when the balance on the SBI account comes over the limit. The extra amount on the account is transferred to MOD account. This account holds this money for about a year. These are situations faced by business magnets. When the account reaches the limit the money can’t be deposited. So SBI has helped them by offering a MOD. This amount will be a fixed deposit. The need of checking the balance in an account is very important. The main aim of getting the account is to keep the money safe and secure. SBI offers many ways to get through all the problems of the customer. SBI is known as one of the user friendly banks in our country. There are many branches of SBI in our country. 

Check MOD Balance in SBI
Check MOD Balance in SBI

Most of the population in our country depends on SBI as a trusted bank. There are many ATM counters open for the users around the country. The service of SBI is really remarkable. They treat their account holders very well. They initiate new ways and schemes to the account holders. It creates a very good sense of saving money among the people. All kinds of people can maintain their account in SBI. MOD is Multi Option Deposit. This is just an optional way to keep the excess amount. The user can also transfer the amount to another account in the same bank if wanted. The main feature is that the interest that you get from a MOD is more that other bank account interest. Let us see how to check MOD balance in SBI. It is simple to follow and very much useful too.

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Check MOD balance in SBI - SBI app

The need of checking the balance is to know about the transactions that took place and also to verify whether the transactions are done correctly. It can be done easily by the SBI YONO lite application. This is an application formed by the SBI bank to give services to all the users under their finger tip.

  • For this process install the YONO lite application from Google play store or apple store as your wish. Since it is the lite version the internet usage will be much low which is a very good advantage.

Check MOD Balance in SBI using Yono lite app
Check MOD Balance in SBI using Yono lite app

  • Then enter you account details and all the options given have to be filled.
  • All the processes will be easy to fill. If any doubt arises just check the help option in it.
  • Then login to your account. There open the option my account.
  • There you can see a lot of information about the account like account summery, mini statement, mPassbook, view / download statement and e-statement subscription.
  • From all these select the Account summery option.
  • In that a new page will be opened. Then select the option Deposit Accounts.
  • Hear you can see the MOD account details and about all the accounts that you own.
  • A very important factor is that you can hold more than one MOD account in your SBI bank.
  • From there you can see the account balance and all the transactions.
  • Since you can see this in your smart phone you can operate it from anywhere you want.
  • You don’t want to visit you bank always for this simple process.
This is how to check MOD balance in SBI. Changes in the application will be informed in the form of notification so keep the application updated always.

Ways to check MOD balance - Internet Banking

Internet banking is another easy way to get the MOD balance in SBI. It can be handled by people of all age groups.

  • As the very first process you should open the website for the internet banking process. Make sure that the website used is the official website. For reference https://www.onlinesbi.com/

Check MOD Balance of SBI using Internet Banking
Check MOD Balance of SBI using Internet Banking

  • You will be provided with a user ID and password. Use them to login the website.
  • The user ID and Password is different for each and every account holders. This ID holds all the information about your account so be careful with this.
  • When you open a new page will appear. There select the option Account summary.
  • In that the entire account summary will be available, there select the option Deposits section.
  • There you can view all the MOD accounts that you own.
  • As mentioned before you can hold more that one MOD account. So select the account that you want to check the balance.
  • There an option will be displayed called Click here for balance.
  • When you click that option the balance amount will be displayed on the screen.

This is how to check MOD balance in SBI. Since it is an internet banking website make sure that you log out of the website after your processing. If the balance amount has any mistake contacts the bank immediately for help.

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All the above statements are easy and comforting to be followed. The MOD or Multi Option Deposit is a fixed deposit. The interest that you get is more so most of the account holders prefer to keep the amount at the MOD account. Even though the services are there only for a year, most of the users deposit it as fixed. This money can be used whenever you want by withdrawing it. Follow the steps given above. It is really easy to be followed and processed. Each and every step is explained in detail which helps you to avoid mistakes. There are less chances of getting an error on this process. The errors reported in this case are very less. If there is any problem just try to clear them by trying again. If that doesn’t work contact the bank and inform them quickly. The earlier you inform it will be easy for them to fix the problem. I hope the above content helped you a lot in the processing. This is how to check MOD balance in SBI.

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