How to do HDFC Bank Mobile Bank Registration - Simple Steps

HDFC Bank Mobile Bank Registration: HDFC is one of the financial banking companies in our country. Its main office is situated in Mumbai. It is considered to be one of the best banks in our country. HDFC banks put forward a lot of services and schemes for the account holders. HDFC bank updates about all the new happenings in our country and provides the account holders services according to the trends. HDFC is known as a user friendly bank by the users. The services they provide are remarkable. All the customers are treated well. 

HDFC Bank Mobile Bank registration
HDFC Bank Mobile Bank registration

It runs in favor of the clients. But in this busy world the people will not get any time to visit their respective banks for collecting details and to check the statements. This is where HDFC bank has provided ways to make their clients work much simpler. All people now a day’s owns a smart phone. So the best way that the account holders can follow is mobile banking. In this feature you will be able to check your details about the account and many other features. To set up the mobile bank is quite an easy job. And in case you all have any doubt in preceding it then here are the ways in which we can do HDFC bank mobile bank registration.

Features required for HDFC bank mobile bank registration

There are certain things needed for the HDFC bank mobile registration. If you have all these features then you are all set to proceed.

  • First of all you need a mobile number that is registered to your respective bank account. Keep this number active. If this number is not active then make sure that this number is active and if you want to change the number then consult the bank.
  • Then you need your debit card number. Make sure you have your debit card with you.
  • Then lastly you must have the customer ID that your hank has provided for your respective bank.

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How to proceed the processing of HDFC mobile bank

  • As the first and former step you should download the application for HDFC mobile banking in your smart phone. 
  • This application is available both in Google play store and Apple store.

Steps to process HDFC Mobile bank
Steps to process HDFC Mobile bank

  • After the downloading process you should open the application.
  • When the application is running make sure that the registered mobile number is put on SIM slot 1 and the internet is on.
  • There an introduction to the application will be provided. If you got time then read the intro. If you are in harry then click the allow button and move forward.
  • Then there will be an option to enter the customer ID. Enter the ID and password. If you anyway forget the password then just click the ‘forgot password’ and enter another one.
  • After this process is completed click on the continue button.
  • Then enter the mobile number that has been registered with your bank account. This process is done to receive an OTP code.
  • Click the enter button and the OTP will be sent to the registered number from the bank.
  • Now you can reset the password and use it in the future.
  • And in future if you forget about the password then use the above steps.
  • Now log in to the application by entering customer ID and password.
  • Now the HDFC bank mobile bank registration process is completed.

Steps to set quick access PIN for easy log

  • First open the HDFC mobile banking application. You can download it from any sources.
  • When the application is open there will be an option ‘Set Quick Access PIN’.

Set Quick Access Pin
Set Quick Access Pin

  • Click on this option. There will be an option to enter the customer ID and registered phone number.
  • After these processes enter the number then you will receive an OTP from the bank to the registered phone number.
  • When this process is completed the registration process is done.


The above details explain about the things that you must follow for HDFC bank mobile bank registration. The above ways are really easy to be followed and can be executed within minutes. After this process you can go and check you statements which explains your transaction details or you can transfer amount using this application. Each transaction made from the application will be kept as a record and added to the statement. From the application you will be able to know about all the new schemes and loan plan that you could use in the form of notification. The only thing that you need to do to know about new things is by keeping an update on the HDFC bank mobile bank registration application regularly. For setting up the application follow the steps above. If any doubt arises then check once more. If any error comes, inform the bank immediately. Hope the above content helped you.


1. How to transfer money from the HDCF mobile banking application?

Ans: It is really very easy step to transfer money through this application. When you login to the application there will be an option to transfer money. Just enter the account details of the bank account that you want to send the money and click transfer option. Your money will be safely transferred.

2. How to check statement details in HDCF mobile banking application?

Ans: This is really easy. Take you profile their statements option will be available. You just click on it. Their all the transactions with date and details will be displayed.

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