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ICICI Bank mobile number change: ICICI bank is one of the new generation banks in our country. All the ideas that the ICICI bank put forward are such innovative. All the awards that the bank has received are an example for their services. ICICI bank has provided us with many services. The bank treats all its customers equally. The services that they experience on the banks are commendable. But on this busy and running world people do not have a lot of time to spare on banking activities by visiting the. It is really hard for people to do it. Here is where ICICI bank stars to serve their customers with services that they experienced in the form of online facilities. 

ICICI Bank Mobile Number Change Using ICICI ATM
   ICICI Bank Mobile Number Change Using ICICI ATM

The amount of people using the online facilities has increased in a huge amount. People in anywhere in the country can avail this services. The customer care team are working 24x7 to make your needs done. The effort the ICICI bank put forward is really huge. This is the reason why there is more people taking accounts in ICICI bank. Registered number is one of the most important this in online banking. Most of the services are linked to the registered mobile number. So make sure to keep this number activated. If it’s not possible and if you feel like changing the number them it is possible. So let us see how to do ICICI Bank mobile number Change.

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ICICI Bank mobile number change - ATM:

ICICI ATMs are not hard to find in our country. They are situated almost every known places. You can use any ICICI bank ATM for preceding this process.

  • First of al take you ATM card/Debit card/credit card to the nearby ICICI ATM counter.
  • Then you should just insert the card into the machine and enter the PIN.
  • There you will be able to see a lot of options. From the main menu select more services option.
  • Then on the new screen displayed select the option register mobile number.
  • Then you can enter the new mobile number to which you want to change. This can be done by using the key pad from ATM machine.
  • When you are done click on the yes button provided.
  • Then you should wait until the transaction process is completed successfully.
  • When the process gets completed you will receive a slip with the message that after 2 days the number will be updated.
  • The number will be updated after 2 days and you can use it.
  • The information will be passed to you in the form of a SMS to the new number. Now it is ready for further use.
  • This is how to do ICICI Bank mobile number Change.

ICICI Bank mobile number change - visit the bank:

Visiting banks are difficult in times but since this is really a confidential content the bank directs you to go to the bank and visit it foe further proceedings.

  • As the first and foremost step is to visit an ICICI bank branch.
visit an ICICI bank branch
 visit an ICICI bank branch
  • There ask for the form to change the number.
  • In the form they will ask information about your account.
  • You should enter information’s like account number, accountholder name, new number, reason for changing the number.
  • After entering all of this in the form submits the form with a sign on the last.
  • In this way you conform to change the number.
  • This processing will be completed within a week.
  • When the process is completed you will receive a SMS in the new mobile number that you have registered. This is how to do ICICI Bank mobile number Change.


This is how to do ICICI Bank mobile number change. It is really an easy process but at the same time important also. All the details of your bank will be linked with the number. To get all the online services also you need the registered number. The details of the account like transaction details will be also sent to your number. So changing it if it is necessary is a good idea to be followed. The steps given above are easy to be followed. If you face any difficulty try again one more time in the case of ATM. If that doesn’t work give the form to the bank and change it. All the above steps are selected and presented from many processes. The above steps are usually used by all. Try it if you find any error try again. If that doesn’t work then inform the bank as early as possible. Hope this content helped you.


1. Why are there no online proceedings to change the number?

Ans: ICICI bank considers that changing the registration number is really confidential. So it should be a safe process. The online processes provided by the bank are really helpful and safe but the bank intent to precede it directly. In this way they will be able to see the person who is requesting to change this number. It is considered important because all the detail related to the bank will be informed through this number only. This number is used to login to bank applications and internet banking. So this number is important. When you request directly the bank will be able to understand the situation. Online proceedings are not done till now but hope it will start creating a safe environment.

2. Can we use any ATM other that ICICI bank to change the number?

Ans: No, you can only change the registered mobile number of your ICICI bank account through ICICI ATM only. In this way you can do the things without visiting the bank directly. Since ATM counter have CCTV camera it will be extra safe for us to change the number. And only we can. If someone else tries to change the number then they will be caught immediately. So answering the question you can only use ICICI bank ATM to change the mobile number.

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