How to Get Andhra Bank Mini Statement

Andhra Bank Mini Statement: Statements are defined as the record of transactions that took place in a particular bank account. It is really easy to get a statement from your bank. When we refer the statements we will get an idea of all the transactions with their date. If you have any doubt about a date of transaction you can easily refer it with a statement. Mini statements are statements which will have the transaction history of last 6 months. This statement will be very specified and clear. Most of the bank statements make people confused but Andhra Bank has provided a clear way of statement making. 

Andhra bank mini statement
Andhra bank mini statement

The main point is that the account holders don’t want to depend on the banks for the statements they can get them at their home. This is where we need the help of number to get the statement. There are many ways to get the Andhra bank mini statement. One of them is through number. Now a day the people who use internet are in a wide range. But there are also people who don’t use them. Then how will they get the mini bank statement? This is where the Andhra bank has found a solution. They have created a number for getting the mini statement. It is considerably an easy process to handle. So let’s see how we can take Andhra Bank mini statement number.

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Get mini Statement by giving missed call

You can get the mini statement by just giving a missed call to the respected number. In this way you can get the Andhra bank mini statement in just few minutes.

  • All banks around will provide a specific number for this process.
  • All the numbers will be different also.
  • You should just give a missed call to the number 09223011300
Andhra Bank mini statement by missed call
Andhra Bank mini statement by missed call
  • Make sure that your number is registered to the bank account.
  • If not give a missed call from your registered number.
  • If the registered number is inactive then activate it.
  • If you want you can change the number by giving an application to your bank.
  • Now you should give a missed call to the number. 
  • Then you should wait till you receive a SMS.
  • This SMS contains information about the mini statements.
  • All the statements will be clear and correct.
  • If you find any of the statements mistaken then you should inform the bank immediately.
  • Inform the bank immediately as possible so that the bank can check and correct the mistake.
  • This is how Andhra bank mini statement number is used.
  • This is the easiest way to get the statement.
  • Since it is really simple for all age group.
  • Internet is a used by all the people but it is some people find it difficult to handle.
  • And this is the best way to follow by all the people.

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Get mini Statement through a toll free number

Most of the people will have difficulty in getting the statement so they prefer to call someone as a person to clear their doubts. In this way you can get Andhra bank mini statement in just few minutes.

  • First of all make sure that the number used to give the call is connected to the account.
  • If not call from the number which is registered to the bank account.
  • Or if you want there is an option to change the number and re register to a number that you are using by giving an application.
  • The toll free number is 1800-425-1515
Get mini statement by toll-free number
Get mini statement by toll-free number
  • Call in this number, each and every call will be attended by a customer care employ.
  • Andhra bank has put forward a lot of steps to improve their customer services.
  • Each and every call that you make to the customer care will be attended.
  • This facility is provided by the bank to openly discuss the problems of the account holders directly.
  • There are limitations to express the problem through applications and internet banking.
  • After you make the call they will ask you about the account number and code.
  • After sharing that they will tell you that you will receive a message from the bank explaining your bank mini statement. This is also another way.
  • The other feature is that all these statements will be safe with the bank. 
  • No documents bases on you will be leaked in this case.
  • Not only that the detail that you ask for will be only provided if the account number and code told is the same.
  • This is also a highly preferred way to find the Andhra Bank Mini statement number.
  • All the calls and missed calls made from the registered number will be recorded. 
  • If someone uses your phone to get you details then you will be able to see the records of the phone calls made by you can find out.


Checking the statements is one of the best ways to keep your bank safe. The above information’s are about how to get mini statement from Andhra bank by a number. Both the missed call and tool free number system is used most of the times by the account holders. They feel that this is more useful and easy. There are chances or errors and doubts. Then just follow the above statements clearly and pursue the steps correctly. If all these steps don’t work then it’s better to contact the respected Andhra bank directly. As said if you find out any problem or mistake with the statements that you get inform the bank immediately and enquire about the mistake. Inform the bank early as you could to avoid confusions and difficulties in finding the problem. All the above steps are easy to use and implement. The toll free number works really well and you will get the information that you want in just minutes. Hop that the above content helped you.

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