Union bank statement download online using U-Mobile App

Union bank statement download online: UBI or union bank of India is bank which is owned by the Indian government. The bank put forward a lot of loans and investment plans to the account holders. The new polices provide by the bank are really attractive. The Union bank is one of the best banks that you can see in our country. The amount of account holders are raising day by day. This is due to the services the bank provides us. These functions are availed to each and every member of the bank. The bank has received many awards for the wonderful work that they have presented to us. 

Union Bank Statement Download
Union Bank Statement Download

Statement is really an important factor to look out for. Bank statements are the details of the bank transactions that take place. The statement will have the information of all the transactions with date and time. In this way we can identify the transactions done each time separately. The statement will have all the details of the bank transaction from the very first day. The bank will check the bank statement before giving a loan to make sure that the account holder can afford to pay the loan back. So it is really important to get the bank statement. So let us see how Union bank statement download online is done. The steps are really easy to be followed.

Requirements To Download Union Bank Statement

Check the below points before proceeding the steps. It will be really helpful.

  • The first thing that you need to have is a registered mobile number.
  • Registered mobile number is instructed to be active all the time.  This is because most of the information of the account is connected to the registered mobile number. All the activities such as online bankig are done based on the registered mobile number so registered mobile number is very important.
  • This number should be present on the smart phone that you use. This is for getting the OTP number.
  • You should have a smart phone with really good internet connection. The speed of the information displayed will be based on the speed of the internet too.
  • You should be ready with debit card number, CVV, expiry date of the card etc.

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Union bank statement download online – U-Mobile

There are many ways to get union bank statment download online. Here we discuss the easiest way to get it done. Keep in mind to follow all the steps correctly.

  • As the first and foremost step you should download the application. The application will be available on the banking website. But most of the users use to download it from Google play store and IOS store.

Download Union Bank Statement on U-Mobile
Download Union Bank Statement on U-Mobile

  • The space accrued by the application is comparatively very small so it is really easy to be stored.
  • After the downloading process open the application.
  • Then you should allow the permission requests that the application put forward to you.
  • Then a new screen will appear. On the new screen select the language that you prefer.
  • Now you should make sure that the registered mobile number is present on the mobile that you use.
  • If there is multiple SIM cards then select the one that you need.
  • You will receive a SMS to the registered mobile number after pressing the activate option.
  • After this process enter the important data on to it. Like UPI, debit card details, internet bank details, etc…
  • After entering the details it will be verified and saved. Then after this process you can create a log in pin to log in to the app.
  • Now you will receive a 4 digit OTP on the registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP on the screen then set the transaction pin.
  • Now the registration process is complete successfully.
  • Now open the app then from the main dash board click on the accounts option.
  • Then select the account number of your account in which you want to download the statement.
  • Now a statement will be displayed. On the corner there will be an option like download PDF. Just click on that option.
  • Now the statement will be downloaded as you want. You can download it and take a print if you want to.
  • If you face any difficulty in the processing then kindly contact the customer care. The number will be available on the app.
  • This is how Union bank statement download online is done.


Statements are really a helpful way to keep a track on the processing of the account. Since it is dated from the beginning all the details will be clear and doubt free. So this is how union bank statement download online is done successfully. Just follow each and every step properly. If you face any error in any of the steps then you can try one more time. It may be an error from the details that you entered. If that is not the case then inform the bank quickly. Hope the above content helped you.


1. Is the application free?

Ans: Yes the application is free. There are no charges made for the application. The space of the application is also very less so it will not affect your storage system. The bank will not make you pay like this.

2. Why are apps preferred over website internet banking?

Ans: In the case of internet banking you should enter the username and password each and every time to enter in the website. It is not safe to keep the website with your bank account details open like this. In the case of apps you can lock them using a PIN so it will be secured and easy to log in.

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