Get HDFC Bank Mini Statement Through Mobile App, Missed call & SMS

HDFC bank mini statement: HDFC bank is known as one of the service-oriented banks in our country. The services provided by them are remarkable and commendable. All the account holders of the HDFC bank will experience a wonderful service there. The bank ensures you about it. In the busy and fast world, the account holder will not get much time to come and check their account details always. This makes the situation of the customers difficult. Here is where HDFC bank has provided their customers with mobile banking and other ways to get your statements on your phone. 

HDFC bank mini statement
HDFC bank mini statement

HDFC bank follows all the new trends and makes their customers comfortable. Let us see the importance of mini statements. Mini statements are statements of a bank account in a particular period of time. You can get a statement on a decided period of a time span as your wish this kind of statement is called a mini statement. Usually, mini statements are provided by the bank for the last 6 months transactions. The HDFC bank account holders can get their mini statements on their phones within minutes. Let’s see all the ways in which we can get HDFC bank mini statement on your phone.

Get HDFC Bank Mini Statement - Mobile banking:

  • First, you have to download the HDFC mobile banking app on your smartphone from the Google play store or Apple store.
HDFC Bank Mini Statement using Mobile app
HDFC Bank Mini Statement using Mobile app
  • After the installation process, you can open the HDFC application.
  • Before open the app, you make sure that the registered mobile number is put on SIM slot 1 and the internet is on.
  • Now, you will see an option to enter the customer ID. Enter the ID and password. Suppose, if you forget the password then just click the ‘forgot password’ and enter another one.
  • After this process is completed click on the continue button.
Click on the continue button
Click on the continue button
  • Now, enter the mobile number that has been registered with your HDFC bank account. This process is done to receive an OTP code.
  • Click the Enter button and the OTP will be sent to the registered number.
  • Now you can reset the password and use it in the future.
  • Now log in to the HDFC application by entering your customer ID and password.
  • There you can see an option called mini statement under the profile section.
  • Finally, Click here to get your mini statement.

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Get HDFC Bank Mini Statement - Missed call 

In the present situation, all will be having smartphones but there are people around who don’t have a smartphone or who do not use internet connections. For them, miss call services are provided the only thing to be done is that give a miss call to 1800 270 3355. You have to give missed call to the respected number using your registered mobile number in HDFC bank. So, you will get the information of the last 5 transactions through SMS.

Get HDFC Bank Mini Statement - SMS process

You can get your mini statement by just sending an SMS to the respective number given by the bank. There are many ways provided to get the mini statement from the bank. SMS is the best and easy way to access this process. All the account holders of HDFC in any age group can get the mini statement within minutes. You must send an SMS to 5676712 from the registered mobile number which is registered d with the bank account. Keep this number active always. Because of all the updates, the statement about this account will be sent to the respective registered number. If the number is not activated then keep it activated. You can even change the number by applying to the bank. After sending the SMS you will receive the mini statement in the form of SMS on your phone. This is how to get HDFC bank mini statement on your phone.


Getting to know about your bank account is really an important aspect. This is a really important thing to be seen. To get the HDFC bank mini statement on your phone you just follow the above statements correctly. If you have any doubts then just check once again. After getting the statement you should check the details very carefully. This is the easiest form of checking the mini statement on the phone which is provided by the HDFC bank. If you find any difficulty or error in any of the above processes then inform the bank and check it. The number of errors caused in HDFC bank accounts is much less compared to other bank accounts. Hope that the above content helps you the way you want it to.


1. Where is the mobile application available?

Ans: The HDFC bank mobile banking application is available on both Google play store and Apple store at the same time. You can download it easily from anyone as your wish.

2. Does the application consume a lot of space in the phone?

Ans: No the application is a small size so it is not difficult to download and store on your smartphone. Make sure to do regular updates on the application to experience the best application help.

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