ICICI Mobile Banking Registration Using Online with Simple Steps

ICICI mobile banking registration: ICICI bank is one of the most helpful banks in our country. The opportunity the bank provides us is really remarkable. The bank has started to bring many new ideas to implement in the bank. This is for the individuals who took the account in the bank. The account holders can experience many innovative ideas that the bank provides them with. ICICI banks things more about their customer satisfaction rather than anything. 

ICICI mobile banking registration
ICICI mobile banking registration

The customer care services the banks provide us are really improving day by day. ICICI bank is really user friendly. The bank provides many educational loans for the bright future that is rising. For registering in an ICICI bank you should follow a few steps. Before registering for a bank took hours to be done. But now you can do it in just a few steps. This is a lifesaver. Now anyone can start an ICICI bank account within 5 minutes. Isn’t that wonderful? So, now let us see how to do ICICI mobile banking registration. This is really helpful.

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Things to Check Before ICICI Mobile Banking Registration

  • First of all, you should keep your mobile number active.
  • If your mobile number is not active, solve it and trying to keep it active.
  • If that’s not possible change the number by consulting the bank.
  • These instructions are given to you because registered mobile number plays a huge role in the registration of ICICI mobile number.
Requirements to do ICICI mobile Banking
Requirements to do ICICI mobile Banking
  • If you already have the account in ICICI bank you should be ready with the debit card details.
  • So be ready with the content which will be used for the registration process.

Steps to do ICICI mobile banking registration – Online:

  • First, you have to download the imobile application from the Google play store or the IOS store. It is available in both the stores. You can also download the application from the bank website also.
Steps to register ICICI mobile banking
Steps to register ICICI mobile banking
  • After downloading, open the application. Now the application will ask you details like permission for a call, SMS, location, etc. the SMS and phone availability should be allowed. In this way only you will receive the verification code. If you want you can skip the allotment of the location.
  • Then you should tap on I already have an account option.
  • Then you should click on the activate button on the new screen displayed.
Click on the activate button
Click on the activate button 
  • There you should enter the registered phone number this is done to verify the account you will receive an SMS on the registered phone number. 
  • Now after the verification process you should enter ATM card PIN or Credit Card PIN for registering and allowing ICICI mobile banking activities.
  • Now the registration process is completed successfully
  • If you want you can set a 4 digit PIN to enter the application. In this way, your app will be secured.
  • You can even set a fingerprint if you want. This is how to do ICICI mobile banking registration 

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Features of ICICI bank mobile banking app – iMobile App

  • You can check the account balance from where ever you want by using this application
  • You can transfer funds like IMPS, UPI, NEFT using this app
  • You can place a chequebook request through this app which is considered to be the best way.
  • You can use this application to block the ATM card.
  • A credit card can be also blocked using this application.
  • You can manage the credit card using this app.
  • You can pay credit bills, pay other bills etc using this application.
  • You can view and download the bank statements of your account by using this application.
  • Even you can view your credit card statements through this application.
  • You can do the DTH recharge using this application.
  • You can even transfer your account to another branch using this application.

These are the wonderful feature that the iMobile app put forward. This application helps to solve many problems the ICICI bank account holders face usually.


The above given is the information about how to do ICICI mobile banking registration within 5 minutes. It is really an easy process to handle. The iMobile application really helps to solve many problems of an ICICI account holder. To avail of these services you should, first of all, enter the application and register it. Just follow the instructions given above. If you find any error kindly retry the content. If that is also not working consult the bank. Usually, in these cases, there will be a problem with the registered number and it can be only solved by the bank. Hope the above content helped you.


1. Is downloading the application from the bank website preferred?

Ans: The iMobile applications are usually not preferred to be downloaded by many account holders. Yes, you can download the application using the website. The application is available both in the Google play store and IOS store. So, many prefer to download the application from there. Logging in to the website and downloading it really consumes a lot of time compared to downloading it from the stores.

2. What are the other ways to do online registration?

Ans: You can do it by visiting the ICICI banks website. On the website, there will be a link to log in by registering. But the demerit is you should log in again and again to process each function. It is not safe to keep the website logged in for a long time. If you do so anyone can access your account details. So, most of the ICICI bank account holders prefer to use the iMobile app for all the processing. 

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