How Long Does Apple Pay take to Transfer to Bank Account? Quick Guide

How Long Does Apple Pay take to Transfer to Bank Account: Apple Pay makes it easy and convenient to pay for goods and services with just the swipe of your iPhone or Apple Watch. But how long does apple pay take to transfer to bank account? Let's break down the process, step-by-step, so you can have a better understanding of how long you'll be without those funds!

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a financial service offered by Apple Inc. It enables users to quickly and securely make purchases using their Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, Macs, and Apple Watches. With Apple Pay, you can transfer funds from credit or debit cards to your bank account without needing to transfer the funds manually. Apple Pay is accepted at most merchants with contactless payments from many banks around the world.

Apple Pay Transfer to Bank Account
Apple Pay Transfer to Bank Account

Apple Pay transfers funds to your bank account in just minutes after you confirm the purchase using Face ID, Touch ID or your passcode. The approximate time for transfers depends on the card issuer and network terms; however, most transactions take only a few minutes to complete. For added security measures, all transactions are subject to authorization by your card provider or bank before they are processed with Apple Pay.

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How Long Does Apple Pay Take to Transfer to Bank?

Apple Pay lets you quickly and securely pay for items directly from your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac. When you add a bank account as a payment method for Apple Pay, the funds are usually transferred within 24 hours. However, some banks require more time for their authentication processes, this can delay payments from being complete. Apple needs to verify there are sufficient funds in your bank account before transferring payments. If the expressway server is overloaded due to high demand or if your bank's authentication process is lengthy, it may take longer than expected for the funds to be transferred.

How Long Does Apple Pay take to Transfer to Bank Account
How Long Does Apple Pay take to Transfer to Bank Account

When you make a purchase with Apple Pay, the payment is sent immediately to your default bank account so it's important to make sure it's set up correctly. You should also ensure that the currency of your default bank account matches the currency of your iTunes Store account, if not then payments can take more than 24 hours to transfer over. Depending on your region and/or payment method you select, additional fees may be applicable as well. Make sure to check with Apple Support or with your preferred banking institution before making a purchase via Apple Pay in order to understand all of the associated costs and terms associated with using this form of payment.

How To Set up & Use Apple Pay?

To use the Apple Pay service, you first need to link your bank account to an Apple device and set up an Apple Pay account. Once that's done, you can initiate transfers and make payments with just a few taps or clicks. Setting up an Apple Pay account is easy and can be done in a few short steps:

  • Download the App Store app on your device and register with your Apple ID - this is the same username and password used for messages, iTunes and iCloud.
  • Enter your bank information – this will usually include your account number, routing number, bank's name, billing address, etc.
  • Select a preferred method of payment – credit or debit card/bank transfer/Apple Cash (if available). You’ll then be asked to authorize the payment using Touch ID, Face ID or a passcode for added security.
  • Finally, verify the bank account with two small test transactions sent from Apple that will appear in 24 hours after setting up Apple Pay on your device.
  • Once set up is complete, it takes only a matter of seconds to process each payment or transfer through Apple Pay. Funds are typically transferred between two verified banking accounts within 1-3 business days depending on where they are being sent.

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How To Add Credit or Debit Card to Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a secure way to make payments. The service increases the security of traditional payment methods by adding a layer of encryption technology to protect your financial information when you use it to make purchases online, in apps and in stores.

  • To add a credit or debit card to Apple Pay, you'll need to sign into your Apple ID on your compatible device, then open the Wallet app.
  • On the main wallet screen, tap on the plus sign in the top right corner to add a new card and follow the instructions.
  • When asked for your phone number and verification code, enter those provided by your bank or card issuer.
  • Your card's account information will then be securely verified by credit agencies or network payment partners, like Visa or Mastercard, with whom you have an account.
  • Once verified, your card is added to Apple Pay and you can use it to pay instantly with just one touch.

How To Cancel Apple Pay payment?

Apple Pay payments are generally processed quickly and securely. Depending on the payment method or bank, Apple Pay transfers can take from one to three days to complete. If you need to cancel or reverse an Apple Pay payment for any reason, you can do so via the Apple Wallet app on an iOS device such as iPhone or iPad. To cancel a payment,

  • Go to your “Wallet & Apple Pay” settings in the Settings app on your iOS device.
  • Select the account from which you would like to make the cancellation and then click “Manage Payments”
  • Once in Manage Payments, select “Cancel Payment”
  • A pop-up window will appear allowing you to review and confirm your cancellation choice. Select “Confirm Cancellation” to proceed with cancelling your payment
  • After confirmation, you will receive an email verifying that your cancellation request was received and approved


In conclusion, Apple Pay is a reliable and convenient way to make payments and transfer money to your bank account. Depending on your bank or financial institution, the transfer may take anywhere from a few minutes to several business days. I hope the article about How Long Does Apple Pay take to Transfer to Bank Account provide the useful information.


1. What is Apple Pay?

Ans: Apple Pay is a digital wallet service offered by Apple Inc. that allows users to make payments, store credit cards and debit cards, track purchases, and receive special offers from partner merchants and banks.

2. How long does it take for money transfers through Apple Pay?

Ans: Money transfers through Apple Cash usually go through in minutes, although exact wait times depend on each individual bank’s processing times.

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