How to Delete PayPal Account Safely? 2 Easy Steps

How to Delete PayPal Account: Are you a customer of PayPal and looking for a method to delete your PayPal Account? Then you are in the right place. Some people have both business and personal accounts in PayPal. If you want to close both versions, don't worry. Deleting or closing the PayPal Account is an easy process, but you can only do it on Laptop, Computer, or Mobile Phone. Let's see the steps to delete PayPal Account Safely in detail.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an American Financial Technology Company that operates an online payment system that allows customers to send and receive money safely and securely. It is a public company founded by Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek, Ken Howery and Yu Pan in 2000. The customers can link their bank account, credit or debit card to their PayPal Account and use the PayPal online payment system for Purchases.

How to Delete PayPal Account Safely
How to Delete PayPal Account Safely

Some merchants can access your payment information if you use a debit or credit card to pay online. To avoid that, PayPal provides extra protection to your account. That's why most people choose PayPal for secure transactions. Also, you can create a PayPal Account for free and do transactions for free.

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How to Delete PayPal Account?

Still, PayPal has many benefits, and you want to delete PayPal Account for some reason. Maybe your PayPal account was hacked, you moved to another online payment system, or you want to open a new PayPal account with a new email address for your business and so on. Let's see how to delete PayPal Account with the simple steps below,

If you want to delete PayPal Account using a Laptop or Computer, then use the steps mentioned below,

  • Open PayPal and log in with your PayPal Account utilising a Laptop or Computer
  • Click on the Settings option given in the top right corner of the screen
  • In that menu, select the Account tab, and under the Accounts option, Click on Close your Account Option

How to delete PayPal Account using Laptop or Computer
How to delete PayPal Account using Laptop or Computer

  • If you still have money in your PayPal Account, then transfer it to your bank account before deleting the account
  • Finally, Click on Close Account Option. That's it. Your PayPal Account is deleted now.

If you want to delete PayPal Account using Smartphone, then use the steps mentioned below,

  • Open the PayPal App and Click the Profile icon in the top left corner
  • Now, Scroll down and select the "Close your Account" option under the Accounts tab.
  • Finally, Click the "Close Account" option to delete your PayPal account permanently.

Things to Check before Delete PayPal Account:

Before delete PayPal Account, you must verify if there are any pending payments or any balance in your account.

  • If you have a balance in your PayPal account, then you must transfer it to your bank account immediately before deleting your account.
  • You must take a printout or copy of all your PayPal transactions because all your transaction details will be deleted after you delete PayPal Account.
  • You can't reopen the same PayPal account once you delete it. But you can create a new tab with new email address details.

Why Can't you Delete PayPal Account?

Sometimes, you are tried to delete PayPal account, but you can't delete it. This is because PayPal doesn't allow you to delete the account for some reason. They are,

  • Any suspicious activity detected by PayPal
  • If your account has unresolved issues or a balance
  • If you are not following PayPal's Policy
  • If you failed to file proper documentation for your PayPal business account


Before deleting PayPal Account, you must check whether your account has any pending payments or balances. The above information is helpful for you to know how to delete PayPal Account in 2 easy steps. If you can't delete PayPal Account, recheck your account activity and contact PayPal customer service.


1. Can I Start over with PayPal after deleting the account?

Ans: Yes. But you can't reopen the account which you deleted. You can start over with a new PayPal account with a unique email address.

2. Why can't I close my PayPal account?

Ans: If you have a remaining PayPal balance, pending funds or unresolved issues, you will not be able to close your account.

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